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Owner, Marcus is committed to seeing his clients through to good health, consistent performance, and to their athletic success.  Whatever your goal- he finds joy in holding you accountable until athleticism becomes second nature to you.

Marcus' unconventional motivational speeches will either get you moving out the door or up the ladder of success.  Either way, you find out quickly if this is the place for you.  His training programs are not for the faint of heart.  Rather, they are made for those who are ready to level up or to make real and permanent change in their health, athleticism, and physique.


“I've always struggled with motivation to strengthen my physical exercise, but working out with Marcus has been a blessing; & has given me a new sense of motivation & confidence.  His level of care, attention, & expertise to his craft is phenomenal.  I appreciate him for all he gives to his trainees.”

- Queen Quiocho


Whether you want to train as an athlete, train like an athlete, or train to look like an athlete- we have the programs to meet your fitness needs or goals.  Don't know if we are right for you?  Sign up to try out a complimentary class.

Image by Edgar Chaparro


Our goal for our athletes is to teach them, not only how to properly lift, but also how to prepare for competition at the high school, college, and professional levels.  The most important lesson we teach is how to best prepare their mindset to overcome any obstacles. There are varying levels that we nurture when training these athletes and we believe that we can help your young athletes reach his or her speed, power, agility, and mental acuity goals.

For athletic training, it's important to build consistency & muscle memory into your bodies so classes are every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Times & pricing are as follows:

OPEN GYM-$40 montly

Mon-Fri       5am-noon, 4pm-8:30pm

Saturday    6am-2pm 

Sunday       Closed 



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We have built something for people in our community so they can enjoy our one-of-a-kind training environment.  It is the Malu Fitness dream to combine an open gym with an athletic training ground so that our members can be part of our athletic clients' journeys. The meshing of these groups takes community support of our local athletes to an entirely new level.  It takes a village to raise a child and the Malu Fitness gym is the village.

Open Gym membership is $40/month.


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Do you have a possibility of being recruited, or an elite competition to get ready for?  Or maybe you're ready for one-on-one athletic training to take you to the next level.  Don't feel like sharing Marcus or you don't know how to play nice?  Maybe Private Training is more your speed.  Pay for private training sessions here.  Please note that private training monies are subject to the trainee going through and passing an interview process with Marcus to ensure that you're a good fit for the program.


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